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AC Service

 - a performance check of the air conditioning system, including hooking up gauges to determine pressure and capacity levels, checking on leaks, and adding up to 1lbs of refrigerant.  

 Starting at $169.00


  - the setting of steering measurements such as camber, caster, and toe, that dictate the vehicle driving straight and promote increased tire life.   

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Battery Replacement

 - replacement of the cars primary 12v battery.   

Starting at $199.99

Brake Flush

- a pressurized service where 32oz of brake fluid is ran through the master cylinder to each individual wheels bleeder valve, flushing out broken down brake fluid, and bleeding air out of the system.   

Staring at


Brake Inspection

- a visual inspection of the vehicles braking system friction material, checking brake linings, and rotor conditions.   


Coolant Flush

- a pressurized back flow flush of the vehicles antifreeze system, flushing out expired anti freeze and contaminants, while filling with correct specification coolant and purging air pockets from the system.  

Staring at


Differential Services

- draining of the front or rear differential axle fluid and refilling with the correct specification gear oil.   

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Fuel Induction

- a high pressurized caustic solution ran through the induction system of the engine, cleaning off hardened carboned debris sitting on tops of the valves, throttle body plates, and intake ports, helping to restore engine power and fuel economy.   

Staring at


Mount and Balance

- removal of a tire, cleaning the beads of the rim, and installation of a new tire with a dynamic balance performed to eliminate vibration.   

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Oil Change

- draining of the engine oil, install new engine oil filter, and fill engine with correct specification engine oil.   

Starting at


Tire Replacement

Starting at


Tire Rotation

- rotation of tires from front axle to back axle with torquing the wheels to factory specifications to increase tire life expectancy.    

Starting at


Transfer Case Services

  - draining of the transfer case fluid and installation of factory specification fluid.   

Starting at


Transmission Service

- removal and exchange of the transmission fluid recommended by manufacturer mileage maintenance using correct specification transmission fluid.  

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